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 Annual Gynecological Exam

The annual exam is the perfect time to discuss any issues you are having, whether it be with abnormal or irregular periods, to pain with intercourse

An annual gynecological exam is an important aspect of preventative care for all women. It is recommended that women have a gynecological exam at least once a year. The exam includes a general health history, pelvic exam, potentially a pap smear, and most importantly, discussion of any questions or concerns the patient may have.

Annual OB GYN Exam Gynecologist NYCThe annual gynecological exam is recommended at least once a year for all adult women who are sexually active. Besides the physical exam, gynecologists in NYC of Manhattan Women’s Health & Wellness will check vital signs including pulse, respirations, and blood pressure, as well as testing for sexually transmitted diseases, urine and blood tests. The exam includes screening tests for gynecological and breast cancers.

Patient History

The gynecologist will begin by taking a thorough history of the patient including asking questions about gynecological and obstetrical history including sexual activity, and pain. The history will include past medical, surgical, family history, and medications. Giving the gynecologist a complete history will help them tailor their recommendations to the patient.

Visual Inspection

The OBGYN specialist will perform a breast examination. It is important for patients to note any new discharge, bleeding, pain, lumps, or bumps they may have noticed. The patient’s armpits are also examined, looking for lymph nodes or masses, which may be found there. If your NYC gynecologist finds an abnormality they may send the patient for further testing with breast ultrasound or mammogram.

Pelvic Exam

The pelvic exam is an evaluation of the pelvic organs of a woman. During the pelvic exam, the gynecologist will inspect the external genitalia visually.

Speculum Exam

speculum exam
The purpose of the speculum exam is to visualize the vainal canal which leads to the cervix. A cervical evaluation is key to a women’s health visit. Abnormal bleeding issues or issues with pain during sex or pelvic pain always start with a speculum exam as many reason for these concerns may be discovered without need for further examinations.  This is an important aspect of the pelvic exam as the doctor can screen for masses or other abnormalities leading to further testing if necessary.

The speculum examination is recommended for all adult women regardless of their sexual activity. The speculum can be made of either metal or plastic and has two parts which help open the vagina so that the doctor can properly visualize the vaginal walls and cervix with the help of a light source.

Screening Test for Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer among women, but most of these can be prevented

The pap smear is used as a screening test for cervical cancer and to look for infections with the human papilloma virus. You may or may not need a pap smear during your annual exam depending on your last visit and current symptoms. During the pap smear you Midtown the gynecologist will gently brush some cells off the surface of the cervix as well as from the sides of the cervix. After the exam there may be temporary spotting from this procedure, this is normal and will usually resolve within 24 hours.

The samples are sent to a pathologist who will look at the cells under a microscope in order to determine if the cells look abnormal. If the cells appear anything different than normal, it will usually lead to the recommendation for a colposcopy test. A colposcopy test is when the gynecologist takes a closer look at the patient’s cervix and vagina using a special microscope. Your NYC gynecologist may take samples by doing a small biopsy of the cervix and or vagina, which will also be sent to a pathologist for evaluation.

Discuss Sensitive Issues

The annual exam is an excellent opportunity for the patient and New York City gynecologist to discuss any sensitive issues that are of concern to the woman, such as frequent urination, abnormal bleeding, or painful intercourse.

Important Reminder: This information is only intended to provide guidance, not definitive medical advice. Please consult ob/gyn gynecologist about your specific condition. Only a trained, experienced board in a specialized NYC gynecology facility can determine an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment.

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